At the studio

Art is highly subjective and two people rarely share exactly the same thoughts and feelings about a painting or sketch. This changes slightly however when an artist takes something typically perceived as ugly and industrial and transforms it into a work of beauty.

Nimrod Messeg is one of the few artists who does not start with a blank canvas. His creations begin as the heaviest, darkest piece of metal – iron, most specifically – and, using unique and  innovative forging techniques, he brings about a total metamorphosis of his subject matter


The many visitors to his studio located in Marbella and exhibitions are all enamoured by the sculptures on display and especially, the way in which Nimrod manages to breathe life into the most stone- hearted of elements.


Nimrod’s Marbella gallery and workshop not only provides an inspiring working environment, but is also a permanent space where visitors can view and enjoy the artistic output of this extraordinarily talented sculptor. Extending across several levels, the studio is a tranquil, cool place to escape the hot sunshine and soak up Nimrod’s artistic talents. Furthermore, if you have a specific brief or particular look in mind, Nimrod is available to meet with you individually to discuss your requirements in greater detail.