Nimrod Messeg in the Media

The Grace of Metal

Essential Magazine (Marbella) – September 2015

If you live on the Coast and love art, a visit to Israel-born sculptor, Nimrod Messeg’s studio at the Polígono de Marbella, is a must. Massive metal sculptures spanning several metres are cut, shaped and formed intom incredibly sensual, graceful, dazzling forms that often represent the torso (of a woman or man), a bull, or shapes found in Nature. Nimrod was clearly born with a special talent: “Since I was a child, I can remember painting and sculpting in different material – in stone, wood…” It makes sense, since Nimrod’s father was a leading Israeli Artist and his mother, Sabina Messeg, a famous Poet.

Nimrod has developed a unique method of sculpting the tough, brutal material that is iron, relying on ancient techniques. “I don’t cast the metal; I work on it directly through the use of a plasma torch and a flame torch.” It is amazing to see such as a tough metal transformed into such beautiful, gentle, curvaceous shapes. “I used to work in design,” says Nimrod, showing me some of his past pieces: amazingly intricate iron bannisters and an immense glass table, whose metal legs are lovingly embraced by winding iron-forged ‘vines’.

Nimrod’s work has something incredibly unique: it is difficult to resist resting one’s eye on each and every single piece, which holds its own appeal, whether it represents a stocky bull, an angelic dancer, ancient Gods or beautiful Venetian masks, bearing graceful sparkly touches which are obtained through Nimrod’s detailed forging work.

Nimrod has worked alongside some of the most prestigious interior designers in the world, including Roche Bobois and Armani, since his sculptures are highly coveted by collectors in the know, who know the value one of his pieces can lend the home. We recommend not missing Nimrod’s exhibitions, which are organised throughout the year on the Coast, to see the pieces for yourself. This is literally stunning work, raising the bar of artistic expression on the Coast.